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From PANK: How to Help Haiti

This is from PANK’s blog; please consider giving (and getting!) in this wonderfully suggested way:

We often plead for our readers to support small press literary publishing by purchasing magazines and entering contests and buying the books of the writers they love. We would like to make the same plea today for your support of something very unliterary — the relief efforts in Haiti in the wake of Wednesday’s earthquake.

PANK Magazine has a very personal connection to the events in Haiti through the person of our much beloved associate editor, Roxane Gay. Roxane recommends both the International Committee of the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders as possible recipients for your generosity. If it helps to grease your wallet, PANK Magazine will donate all direct sales of its magazines and chapbook (purchased here) between 1/13/10 and 2/13/10 between those two charities.

Every little bit counts. Please consider donating.

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