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Upcoming Readings: Atlanta, Baltimore, DC, and Providence Come Out and Say Hello

Do you live in or near Atlanta, Baltimore, DC, or Providence? If so, come out and say hello and see me and some other great writers read in November! Buy a book (mine or someone else’s) and support the local indie scene – or just come out to see your friends and have a few drinks and a great time.

Upcoming readings here (click for the Facebook invite and info:)

November 9th Vouched Atlanta
November 11th Ada Books in Providence
Nov 17th 510 Series in Baltimore
Nov 18th Big Hunt Three Tents in DC

Happy Pre-Order Order Day, The Alligators of Abraham!

That’s right! Today is the day! You can pre-order Robert Kloss‘s phenomenal alternate Civil War history (illustrated by Matt Kish) at Mud Luscious Press today. And you should, and you should not wait, because I’m guessing this book will sell out very fast indeed.

While you’re waiting for the physical copy, here’s the book trailer to whet your appetite a little.



In Which I Explain How One Should Not Speak to One’s Boss if One’s Boss is A Terrifying Angel with Many Heads

Confused? Wonderful. Read this fantastic collection, edited by James Tadd Adcox and published by NAP, and that should clear things right up. If not, perhaps you’re in the wrong room.

Seriously, this anthology is free and it is amazing and not even in that order. In addition to my story, in which I definitely imply that our heavenliest residents may be missing a screw or thousand, there are also fantastic stories by writers like Matt Bell, Robert Kloss, Meghan Lamb, Michael Czyzniejewski, Joseph Scapellato, Brian Oliu, Davis Schneiderman, and a whole bunch of other fantastic writers and poets and weirdos.

Really this is teh shit. Even the angel kitteh agrees.



Love and a Podcast and Free (FREE!) Books!

These links, I should have posted ages ago. But I was on tour! And now the presidential elections! And so much stuff to do! But there’s been a lot of nice online love lately for May We Shed These Human Bodies, and I want to share some of that – plus a way you can win a free book!

Flavorwire named the book one of their 10 must reads for October! They say

Sometimes all it takes is a few sentences to knock you off your rocker. Or at least that’s the case in Sparks’s debut collection, which packs 30 short short stories, each its own modern fable, whimsical and wicked in equal measure, into one handsome book.

Right? I’m blushing. Plus I love all these references to the book as “wicked.” That’s all I’ve ever really wanted to be – a little bit wicked. In every sense of the word.

And Brad Listi was kind enough to have me as a guest on his truly awesome podcast, Other People with Brad Listi. It was a fun interview, and I got to talk about craft and books and how yeah, maybe I’ll run for office someday. Just maybe. You can listen here if you want to know how weird my voice sounds outside of my head.

Also kind enough to interview me: Curbside Splendor’s own Joey Pizzolato! Read the interview here. As usual, I ramble and make a fool of myself.

And finally – the very lovely and talented Erin Fitzgerald accidentally bought TWO copies of MWSTHB (how I will henceforth refer to my getting-really annoying-to type book title) and her enthusiasm is your gain! (And mine – thank you, Erin!) She’s giving away a free copy of the book, AND a copy of the chapbook we both have work in, Shut Up/Look Pretty, and all you have to do is comment on this post about what your favorite story of mine is! She’ll do a drawing from the entries on October 6th, so hurry up and put your comment in now if you want free stuff!

MAY WE SHED THESE HUMAN BODIES Release Party in Chicago Next Saturday!

Holy crap, you guys. It’s happening. This book is COMING OUT and we are kicking off the tour next week with a big awesome release party on Saturday September 22 at Cole’s Bar in Logan Square (2338 N. Milwaukee Ave.) starting at 7pm.

Come hear awesome local authors read original pieces on “shedding human bodies!” Come listen to me read from the new collection! Come for the free booze (when you buy a book, natch)! Come because Curbside Splendor is an amazing Chicago-based indie press and you want to support your local arts community. Come because you just want to say hi! Whatever your reason, please come!

Don’t live in Chicago? No worries. Here’s the rest of the tour this year, so far, and dates are being added all the time! So if you’re near one of these places, pretty please stop and say hi there instead!


Midwest tour:
Sept. 22 Chicago Book Party/Launch
Sept. 25 Minneapolis, Magers and Quinn
Sept. 27 Oxford, Ohio at Miami University
Sept 29th Indianapolis Vouched Presents Reading

October 21 NYC, East Village at Salon Series

November 9th Vouched Atlanta
November 11th Ada Books in Providence
Nov 17 510 Series in Baltimore
Nov 18 Big Hunt Three Tents in DC

Dec Baltimore TBD

Jan 13 NYC,  Franklin Park Reading Series

Their Peculiar Ambitions: Presidential Flash Fiction by Your Favorite Writers, now at Melville House!

Read more

Publishers Weekly Likes May We Shed These Human Bodies!

The review says that “Sparks’s debut story collection swirls with a Tim Burton-like whimsy.” :

The collection’s 30 stories, most no longer than three pages, are modern fables in which epiphanies replace moral lessons and tales unfold with Grimm-like wickedness.

You can read the full review here.