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9781631490903_300I’m a writer.

My second short story collection, THE UNFINISHED WORLD AND OTHER STORIES, is due out from Liveright/Norton in January 2016.

You can pre-order it here! 

Here are some lovely things people have said about the book:

““In The Unfinished World and Other Stories, Amber Sparks is a master of the fantastic. Here are stories about fever librarians and brothers who are swans, time travelers and space janitors. With each story, Sparks defies the known world in absolutely thrilling ways.” (Roxane Gay, author of An Untamed State and Bad Feminist)

“Amber Sparks is one of my favorite writers working today. Her stories are brutal beauties, guaranteed to explode your brain and steal your heart, and The Unfinished World and Other Stories is vintage Sparks: endlessly inventive, thrillingly imaginative, utterly assured. I loved this wild miracle of a collection.” (Laura van den Berg, author of Find Me)

“Reading The Unfinished World and Other Stories is like being given the keys to the mysterious back rooms of a great museum: everywhere you look there is another wonder, strange and surprising and fashioned with admirable skill. Amber Sparks is a master curator―part historian, part scientist, all storyteller―and her curiosity is boundless and intoxicating, leading her time and again to stories that will intrigue and enchant any reader willing to be moved to amazement and joy.” (Matt Bell, author of Scrapper)

“The stories of The Unfinished World are exciting in their invention and sharp in their insights―the collection a thrilling riff on history and pop culture, fairy tale and fantasy. Amber Sparks is as perversely entertaining as Margaret Atwood, her writing as lush as Angela Carter’s.” (Timothy Schaffert, author of The Swan Gondola)

“Elegant and otherworldly, The Unfinished World (And Other Stories) is my favorite kind of magic trick. Sparks exhibits a genuine understanding of humanity while expertly rendering the longings of her varied population―from Lancelot to time travelers to the prettiest cashier at Safeway. I fell asleep by a river while reading and had a dream I could not remember when I woke in the gauze of late afternoon. The Unfinished World is the dream and the memory and the river. Shot through with jazz age sensibilities, welcoming weirdness and occasionally eschewing the laws of physics, this beautiful collection is (at times, literally) haunted by its characters. They haunted me, too.” (Marie-Helene Bertino, author of 2 A.M. at the Cat’s Pajamas)

I also wrote this book with Robert Kloss and illustrator Matt Kish, and it’s available here. It’s called THE DESERT THE DESERT PLACES...coming October 15thPLACES. It’s probably one of the most gorgeous books you’ll ever hold in your hands, no joke.

Flavorwire said about it that: “In this case, Curbside Splendor should be loaded up with heaps of praise (but I’m sure they’d settle for just taking your money if you wanted to give it to them) for putting out this little book that takes its cues from the Bible, amplifies the Good Book’s violence and darkness, and then smashes it together with modern times.”

Rain Taxi said that “none of McCarthy’s novels has the cosmic scope that Sparks and Kloss develop here, even if The Desert Places isn’t half as long as McCarthy’s shortest work.”


My debut short story collection, MAY WE SHED THESE HUMAN BODIES, is still available from Curbside Splendor.

mwsthb_-_cover_04-27-12.jpgAtlantic Wire called it the “best small press debut of 2012.”

Publisher’s Weekly said it “swirls with a Tim Burton-like whimsy…modern fables in which epiphanies replace moral lessons and tales unfold with Grimm-like wickedness.”


over a dozen bloggers and literary magazines and websites named it one of the best books of 2012.

(And yes, that really is my real name.)